Purdue Sports on Audio
Purdue has had many great announcers.   Bob Ford, Pete Quinn, Larry Clisby, Joe Pate,
Steve Reid and to name a few.   I like to take along a CD and listen to some of Purdue's great moments from the past and the present on trips.   Here is a list of games that I have.   But first, here is a tribute to the Best Purdue Sports Announcer of all times!!!!!!

Joe McConnell
2000 Indiana Sportscaster of the Year

Purdue Football Games on Audio
Purdue 25   Notre Dame 21 *
Spoilermakers upset #1 Irish

Purdue 14   Ohio State 42 *
We lose but I am a true collector

Purdue  28    Michigan 0  *
Look at the note above

Alamo Bowl   Purdue 34   Kansas State  31   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
   Brees to Jones saves the day

Purdue   Minnesota   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
   Boilers rule the MetroDome
Purdue   Indiana   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
   Vinny's punt return rescues Purdue
Purdue   Michigan State   McConnell/Quinn/Newton*
   Total Domination
Purdue   Notre Dame   McConnell/Quinn/Newton  *
   Mike Rose stops Irish on last play

Purdue 41   Northwestern 28  McConnell/Quinn/Newton
Boilers take care of business in Evanston
Purdue 32   Michigan 31   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
Travis Dorsch kicks game winning FG for Miracle I
Purdue 30   Wisconsin 24   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
Craig Terrell blocks FG and Ashante returns it for OT win - Miracle II
Purdue 31   Ohio State 27   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
   Drew Brees to Morales for Miracle III
Purdue   Indiana   McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
Boilers win Bucket and a trip to Pasedena for the Rose Bowl
Rose Bowl - Purdue   Washington  McConnell/Quinn/Newton *
   Even though a loss, truly a memorable game with many more Rose Bowls to come!!!
Purdue   Washington State - 2001 Sun Bowl *
Boiler put up valient effort
Purdue  Washington - 2002 Sun Bowl *
Orton fuels awesome comeback

Purdue Basketball Games on Audio
Purdue 120   Indiana 76 *
Rick Mount scores 40 against the Hoosiers
Purdue   Marquette *
1969 NCAA overtime game won on last second shot by Rick Mount
Purdue 72  UCLA  92 *
   1969 NCAA Championship Game

Purdue   Indiana *
Willie Deane and Kenneth Lowe send Opie home with a big black eye